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John Lambert studied Physics at Imperial College, London from 1984 to 1987.

Founded Joe's Garage in 1988 with Isabel O'Brien. A group of three recording studios in south London, it recorded music for a wide variety of artists from 1989 to 1993, varying from Folk artists such as Eddie Reader, Ambient bands like The Orb, dance artists The Stereo MC's, much early Garage/Drum & Bass and more established artists such as Ian Dury and Bob Geldof. In 1993 formed the experimental Ambient band 'Shen' with Richard Ashrowan, Aaron Greenwood and Ian Ritchie, recording the album 'Spirit Of The Sea' and playing extensively across London in venues such as Bagleys Warehouse and events like The Big Chill until 1995.

In 1994 sold Joe's Garage and founded the company that became Hyperlink plc with Isabel O'Brien and Simon Hampton. Based in Covent Garden in London, Hyperlink grew to be one of the largest Web agencies in Europe, working mainly with retailers and building the first sites for Waterstones, Debenhams, Liberty, and Asda amongst others. Hyperlink also developed a number of software products, including the first SSL enabled web server to be available outside of the US. Hyperlink was still wholly owned by its founders and managing director Tim Jenner when it was sold to Cable and Wireless plc in 2000.

In partnership with a number of innovative editors, co-founded the web magazines The Muse (with Richard Ashrowan), The Weaver (with Alexandra Campbell and Michelle Pilley), Thesis (with Clive Kircher) and Balance (with Howard Jardine) in 1994.

Founded, with John Langford of TCS Recruitment Advertsing, in 1995. A recruitment Website that became a joint venture with Harvey Nash plc, Delpi plc and Robert Walters plc, TAPS was sold in 1999 to the quoted Stepstone plc.

In 1999 founded Inceptor Inc, a web marketing software company in the US, with the Hyperlink team. The business was funded by a number of venture capital funds which included SI Ventures and Wexford capital LLC. Based on software developed in the UK from 1997, the company had offices in Boston, London and San Fransisco. The venture capital consortium bought the business in 2001, it was then sold to Verizon Inc's SuperPages and subsequently listed as Idearc Inc.

In 2002 founded Eigenlabs Ltd with Isabel O'Brien and Simon Hampton with the intention of developing a new kind of musical instrument. The Eigenharps and their associated system software EigenD are now widely regarded as one of the most expressive and versatile electronic performance instruments available to musicians.

Recorded the acoustic album 'Gone Away' from 2004 to 2006 with Ian Ritchie and Isabel O'Brien performing and Richard Ashrowan producing. Now performing regularly with the acoustic folk/blues band Wild Goose.

Married to Isabel O'Brien since 1990 they have two daughters and live on a small farm on Dartmoor, in the south west of England.


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