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Programming Bounties For Ubuntu/Linux

The rules are simple. If you like the look of one you can either just have a go and if I think you achieved what I meant, you've released your code under the GPL and the code is merged into the main project line then I pay it. A better way is that you write down exactly what you intend to do as a short specification and when you're going to do it by. If I sign this off then I'll announce that the bounty is being worked on and won't pay it to someone else unless you miss the target date, at which point it's back to free for all. My decision is final as to whether or not the bounty has been made.

1 – Adding resource collision avoidance to Planner, the project planner. Value £2000. Currently being undertaken by Lee Baylis, with an expected completion of the end of August.

2 – Adding new window placement to KDE. I really miss this from Windowmaker, where one can decide where the new window goes before it dumps itself randomly (or 'smartly') on the screen. This should be for KDE 3 and 4, as KDE 4 is still too buggy for general use (I've tried). Value £1000.

3 – Writing an audio driver for the MOTU896 Firewire audio interface. I suspect this is hard, as MOTU are bozo's with regard to open source. Value £4000.

4 – Writing an audio driver for the new RME interfaces. They used to support Linux, not sure why they don't now but it's a shame. Value £2000

If anyone looks at one of these problems and thinks that the sum I'm offering is substantially wrong for the amount of effort it involves (and I haven't looked at any of the code in question so this is not that unlikely) then please let me know and I may change it. If you want to be notified when I add bounties here, or when people take them on formally, let me know your email address and I'll do that.

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