Shen - some mp3 recordings

Spirit of the Sea

Stornoway 8'06" (download mp3 11.1MB)
The Face of the Waters 5'21" (download mp3 7.3MB)
Song of the Swan 7'14" (download mp3 9.9MB)
The Boundless Seas 8'43" (download mp3 12MB)
Penzance 11'28" (download mp3 15.7MB)
Evensong 9'13" (download mp3 12.7MB)
Sea (download mp3 6.3MB)

Recorded between August 1992 and Feb 1993 at Joes Garage Studios, Clapham, London and at various locations on the Essex coast. Please see this page for credits.

Live at the Big Chill

A Shout On The Horizon (download mp3 18.5MB)
Sky (download mp3 28.6MB)
Leaves with Didgeridoo and Hillbilly (download mp3 39.5MB)
Leaves (download mp3 19.5MB)
The Body Has Many Sharers (download mp3 23.3MB)
Didgeridoo (download mp3 8MB)
Hillbilly (download mp3 13MB)

These were recorded live, most probably at the Big Chill (Union Chapel, Islington), sometime late in 1993 or early 1994.

Aaron Greenwood and John Lambert

Needless Danger (download mp3 8.3MB)
Never Surrender (download mp3 6.6MB)

These were recorded before Shen came together, probably in 1992

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